The consecrated Iranian film director, Abbas Kiarostami, gave a film workshop in Bogotá, proposing to the filmmakers to complete a short film in 10 days. Diego, one of the studio’s filmmakers, in his search for locations, meets a shy young librarian named Vida, who dreams of being an actress.


  • Best Short Film, 4th International Film Festival – La Orquídea, Ecuador Cuenca; 
  • Official Selection by Abbas Kiarostami, 54 Cartagena de Indias International Film Festival 
  • Official Selection, Bogoshorts 2014  
  • Official Selection, Colombian Film Screenings in Paris, Barcelona and London, 2014 
  • Best Short Film, Barranquilla International Film Festival 2015
  • Official Selection, 33 Fjr Tehran International Film Festival  
  • Official Selection, Short Film Corner at Cannes International Film Festival, 2015  
  • Official Selection, Cronograf Documentary Film Festival, 2017 
  • Best Short Film, Tehran Urban Film Festival, 2017


Title: Vida
Genre: Documentary
Running Time: 14 minutes
Country: Ecuador, Colombia

Director: Daniel Yépez Brito
Producer: Christian Mejía Acosta
Release Year: 2015
Production Company: Retrogusto Films

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