Island of the Dolls

In 1957, murders occurred upon the infamous, ‘Island of the Dolls’, in Mexico. A modern-day British journalist, Emily, deceitfully takes an assignment in London to research and uncover the truth of the unspoken event. With the assistance of her photographer friend and several Mexican locals, they travel to the mysterious island, and soon discover the danger of which awaits them. Despite some spooky, sometimes threatening incidences, Emily is determined to crack the case. Will she accept the truth, before she too remains a doll.

Title: Island of the Dolls / Isla de las Muñecas
Genre: Paranormal Horror
Running Time: 85 minutes
Country: Ecuador, United Kingdom and Mexico
Director: Sebastián Mantilla

Producer: Christian Mejía Acosta, Rahil Abbas
Writer: Emma Raine Walker
Release year: 2021
Production Company: Retrogusto Films
In Association with: Silveredge Films

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