Each film gets made at least three times, in three steps. First step is when you write, option, adapt or create a script or treatment of the story you are going to tell, the second step is when you shoot, animate or create art to make a film or series into a living scene, and the third step is when you bring all the shots into the post production suite where you cut and make magic happen as you add music, sound, color, voice over, text and visual effects.   

In Retrogusto we see this as a serious recipe for tasteful content. Each step is taken carefully knowing that is unique in its form. We pay detailed attention to specific needs, format, budget and final product needs.  

We centralize the power of good stories and good people. This is our story. This is what we do.  

Production & Co - Production Services

We work with artists, producers, directors, production companies, and studios in the development and production of feature films, animation and series. We serve as a Production Company in Canada and in any country in Latin America. We bridge the cultural, language, legal and financial barriers between these two territories as local producers, fixers or showrunners.

Post Production Services

Our in-house suites in Vancouver, Quito and Monterrey, offer quality post production services for editing, color correction, sound design, music composition, graphics creation, voice over recording, subtitles and final audio mix. 

Script Development & Script Doctor Services

We help you bring your idea into a script or treatment and your script or treatment  into a shooting script. We can help you translate the written word into the screen, get notes by professional script writers and partner institutions working with a production mindset. The development and analysis of the story is the heart of all productions. As you know, story is king. 

Professional Photographers & Videographers Services

As artists we love to constantly be creating content and photo and video production gives us that opportunity. Our passion is what we see on frame, that is our world. We want to work with entrepreneurs, families, company owners, couples or individuals that need professional photography or video, please contact us by phone or send us a message and tell us your needs.